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ANC’s Tony Yengeni released early from sham imprisonment.

Convicted fraudster and former chief whip of the ANC, Tony Yengeni, was released on Monday after serving only four months of a four year jail sentence. During this sentence he was allowed to leave on a weekend pass after serving only two months, in which he violated restrictions by drinking alcohol and arriving back late. He was also transferred to a cushy hospital cell and even had a Christmas dinner with his wife, while other inmates had to be content with prison food.

Convicted for accepting a “discounted” Mercedes in connection with a R43 billion rand arms deal, his talk coming out of prison was decidedly communist:

“It is a great day for me, for my family and for the movement,” “Even if another comrade passes through these gates, I hope you will give him similar support.”

”The problem in this country is not me, the problem is not Zuma, the problem is not Mbeki, the problem we are facing is poverty. Ninety-nine percent of the economy is in five percent of the population’s hands,” he said before stepping into a black Mercedes.

The new Chief whip of the ANC Mbulelo Goniwe was recently expelled from the party due to sexual harassment charges.