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Are you bankrolling Zimbabwe?

Your bank deposits and insurance premiums may be indirectly responsible for the misery and starvation of our subjugated neighbours in Zimbabwe.

The observer reported on Sunday that 3 firms; Barclays Bank, Standard Charter Bank and Old mutual have funded the Mugabe regime more than 1 Billion Pounds.

30 Million Pounds having been spent on the controversial “land reforms” which in saw 4000+ farmers evicted from their farms and in some cases murdered. This has caused widespread starvation and the profoundly rapid economic meltdown (in just 6 years). Zimbabwe’s inflation is the highest in the world at over 1000%. A bag of potatoes retails at $160 !, which is more than a month’s salary. Unemployment sits at around 80% and half the population subsist on foreign aid. All in the country that was called the breadbasket of Southern Africa.

On the surface I can’t imagine the reasons behind this, but below I smell a covert upper echelon conspiracy ala Mark Thatcher/ Jeffrey Archer. Dum dada dum daaaaa.

So please tell your oppressive bank clerk to do something about this, will you.