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Avian View: A Pair of Oystercatchers!

Spotted! A pair of oystercatchers!
Where from? Yzerfontein, up the West Coast from Cape Town (map).

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Loving SA yet? Yes!
Why? Because we have our very own, dedicated, Oystercatcher Conservation Program!
Highlight so far? Ululating like a plover!
Sore points? The fact that we breed during the tourist season, which puts our long-term survival in some jeopardy.

Oystercatcher notes
The African black oystercatcher (Haematopus moquini) is very easy to identify, by sight – its long, red beak is a dead giveaway. Its high, ululating call, however, can be confused with the call of the crowned plover, with which it often shares its coastal habitat. The plovers, though, can live elsewhere, while the oystercatchers spend their whole lives on rocky shores.