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Broken: Curse of the lemon magnet

After much deep and profound brain things inside my head. I relented and bought 2 “new” cars for myself and Sarah. I was very close to buying another camper van, “because they are so practical” I tell myself, but they tend to need a lot of maintenance and are very expensive for a decent one.

So we got 2 mid 90’s Merc’s a 220e and a 230e from a car #!cough#$spit*#hack! dealer. I have been told by many practical and sensible people that these are the cars to buy. That they do not go wrong, ever and that all the mechanics drive them. I imagine my mechanic drives a Lamborghini Diablo to take his kids to and from medical school, on my maintenance funds. Not any more!! These cars are going to run forever on petrol and love!