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Budget airlines Booming! Mango, Kulula, 1time

Oh the wonders of semi-free enterprise! The emergence of competition to the state funded SAA, has sparked a price war that has changed the face of domestic flight pricing.

Budget Airlines Kulula, Mango and 1time are all doing amazing business and getting many more South Africans flying for the first time.

Until recently SAA dominated the market with a highly inefficient monopoly that forced prices to ridiculous levels. Even now they have to be subsidised by the government to survive.

Kalula airlines are revamping their entire fleet with the more efficient 737-400, hoping to drive prices down further. Kulula and Mango both boast 85%-90% of sets being filled. During the heat of the price war, fare’s came down to just R169 (R28) one way CPT-JBG. That’s about 20% of what were used to.

Unfortunately though Mango is still owned by SAA and therefore state funded, the sole aim being to blow off the new competition. Please support the independent airlines!