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Cape Town Suburbs: Seapoint

This series is especially for those coming to Cape Town, and planning on staying for longer than the average holiday, and would like to know in advance which area they wish to stay.
Hopefully I can answer some questions you might have about which suburb of Cape Town is best suited to your interests, age group and tolerance level.



Seapoint has had it’s ups and down in recent years. Once it was THE destination for South African holiday makers from all over the country and for Capetonians to come and hang out, watch movies and eat.

With the advent of the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront , it’s 50,000 restaurants and fancy working cinema, Seapoint’s vibey atmosphere has dwindled, but patches of it are being resurrected.

Seapoint is still full of holiday accommodation, backpackers and hostels, but seemingly there are now far more foreign visitors than “Vaalies” (from the Transvaal). The main road is riddled with internet cafe’s, coffee shops, take aways and bars.

Located basically halfway between Town and Clifton, Seapoint is one of our few suburbs that is spared the brunt of the wind that we get in summer. It seems that property prices follow the areas dosage of wind with Clifton tipping the scale, having never received a breath since creation, they pay huge rates though 🙂

Town is about 10-15 minutes by taxi, an the same to Clifton and Camps Bay, making Seapoint rather ideally located. Beach road Seapoint has been a favourite of Cocoon-type pensioners for years immemorial, with is lovely green areas, incredible view and what is in my mind the most scenic swimming pool in the world. The Seapoint pavilion, which I highly recommend you visit.


In Summary:

Seapoint is a very cosmopolitan suburb, with plenty to do and see for just about anyone. Great location, lots of good restaurants, coffee shops and accommodation options.