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Car Hire in South Africa

Overland Truck HireThe issue of car hire in South Africa is another one where the superb national road system is a factor. South Africa has one of the best freeway and state road systems in the world, and certainly the best in Africa by a huge measure.

The options for car, bus and truck hire are very wide, and independent travel with a hire car is without doubt the way to get the best out of South African travel.

Most car hire companies in South Africa have reciprocating relationships with neighboring countries, and so travel beyond South Africa, to Namibia and Botswana in particular, but also to Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Swaziland, Lesotho and beyond, is very easy.

Car Hire in South Africa is easy

Hiring a car anywhere in South Africa could not be easier. At any of the international airports the usual international players are represented and prior booking is as easy as an online credit card transaction. The usual classes of vehicle are available, with the local variant of the classic Volkswagen Citi Golf being the most basic, and locally assembled BMWs and Mercedes Benz models being available at the top end.

To hire a car in South Africa you need do no more than conduct an internet search and a good many options will surface.

For group transport it is possible to hire anything from a 10-seater mini-bus to a 20-seater mid sized bus to a full coach.

Truck Hire is a popular option

For those interested in striking off the main roads and into the bush there is in South Africa a thriving industry in the charter of fully appointed expedition vehicles. These are usually Landrovers with everything included from roof-tents to a full compliment of off-road gear and camp equipment.

>>The most well known purveyor of overland vehicles is Britz South Africa

This option is not cheap by any means, but less lavishly appointed 4×4 trucks will do just as well, and these are also widely available with varying amounts of equipment included.

Price guide

If you are using one of the international name brand car hire companies you can expect prices to conform to international rates, but there are a number of local car hire companies that offer cheaper deals. There are also a handful of car hire ‘emporiums’ online that will scan the local options and come up with the best deals.

  • For a compact budget option expect to pay between US$40 – US$50 per day
  • For an intermediate 4-door with a/c expect to pay between US$70 – US$100 per day
  • For a premium 4-door sedan with all the bells and whistles expect to pay between US$180 – US$200
  • For a mini-van expect to pay between US$180 – US$200
  • For a full expedition rig, depending on the length of the hire, expect to pay between US$100 – US$250 per day with an additional bond of about US$3000
  • It is again worth bearing in mind that to shop around will get you the best deals, but often it is difficult to book in advance. Your hospitality establishment will have a travel shop or booking agent on-hand, and often cheap local options are best booked through these.

    >>Here are a few South African car hire options:

  • 1st for car rental
  • Easy Car
  • Fast Car Hire
  • Cheap Car Hire in South Africa
  • Nova
  • South Africa Car Hire
  • Thrifty
  • >>Emporium Bookers:

  • Kelkoo
  • Deal Checker
  • Travel Supermarket
  • >>Local South African options:

  • Cars
  • Car Hire 4 Cheap
  • Cars 4 Less
  • Car Hire South Africa
  • Rhino Car Hire
  • Drive Africa
  • >>Warning: South Africa is a high crime region. The open road is usually safe, but exercise caution when stopping on the main roads. Avoid driving in the big cities at night, and at all costs avoid getting lost anywhere in the downtown metropolitan areas