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Cheap, cheaper, cheapest: car rental in Cape Town

The market here for car rental is getting more and more competitive and there are now some real bargains available for travellers willing to do a bit of research in hiring a car instead of paying through the teeth at the airport.

To save you a bit of time, I have found the 3 cheapest options for car hire in Cape Town. These companies specialize in long term (monthly rental), but the shorter term (more than 3 days) rates are still very attractive.


Rent-A-Merc : Rent a merc specialises in gas guzzling W123’s.
Mention “southafricablog” for a free lollipop from me(until I
arrange a discount:))

  • Starting at R2400/month ($350) ($12/day) for the Merc 123 and R2800/month ($400) for the Merc 124.
  • Hyundai Atos R4000-00 per month or R200-00 per day (NEW CARS – 2007 MODELS) Come with air con, power steering, electric windows, alarm, auto or manual, central locking.
  • Camry, Polo, Mazda cars R4000-00 per month or R200-00 per day (1995 – 1999 MODELS AND STILL VERY RELIABLE)


Rent a Cheapie : Renting super reliable and fuel efficient Volkwagon Golf’s. This company offers a 5% Discount if you mention “southafricablog”

  • from R125/day if 140 days or more.(R3500/month)
  • from R135/day if 100 days or more.(R3780/month)
  • from R140/day if 70 days or more. (R3920/month)
  • from R143/day if 56 days or more. (R4003/month)
  • from R160/day if 28 days or more. (R4480/month)
  • from R180/day if 14 days or more.
  • from R199/day if 10 days or more.
  • from R250/day if 5 days or more.

Best Beetle: Has the largest fleet of Beetles in Africa!

Mention “southafricablog” for a free lollipop from me (until I arrange a discount:))

  • 1950 Rand for 1 month,
  • 1850 Rand monthly for 2 months rental or
  • 1750 Rand monthly for 3 months rental or
  • 1650 Rand monthly for 4 months rental or
  • 1550 Rand monthly for 5 months rental or
  • 1450 Rand monthly for 6 months rental.

All subject to full rental paid in advance

  • For rentals longer than 6 months , call for Better Best Beetle Rates.
  • Rates include insurance waivers and unlimited mileage.
  • No deposit at all!
  • Daily rentals for R300.00 for one day, R400.00 for two days and R800.00 for one week.