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DeepBlueSkyy’s Road Trip to Durban

DeepBlueSkyy sends in a comment, wanting to know – How safe will his/her road trip from Cape Town to Durban be?

Odds are, DeepBlueSkyy, that the biggest danger you’ll encounter on this trip is Deep Vein Thrombosis. Joke! Don’t get SA Blog wrong, the trip’s an extremely lovely drive, and covers many different and exotic types of terrain – but at over 1500 kms, it’s also very long, so be prepared to sit for hours at a time. And no, don’t worry too much about criminals – the trip is likely to be very safe.

That said, I wouldn’t recommend making the drive alone. It’s always safer to have a partner, and you need someone to share behind-the-wheel duties, to avoid driver fatigue.

Other pertinent notes:

  • The N2 (the national road which connects Cape Town and Durban) is a two-laner for much of the route, so overtake other cars with caution.
  • There are dozens of speed-trap cameras along the way: if you see cars braking for no apparent reason, it’s because they’re slowing down to avoid a traffic ticket.
  • You’ll encounter jams where the N2 runs through the middle of various coastal towns, like Knysna.
  • Towns in the Eastern Cape are currently experiencing a mini-boom in car theft (note: this is not the same as a mini-boom in car hijacking!), so if you stop there for a break or stay overnight, try to get secure parking.

SA Blog hopes this is helpful. Genießen Sie Ihre Reise, DeepBlueSkyy.