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Discount Cards in South Africa

The world of travel discount cards is a crowded and scary place. Let SA Blog be your guide!

Generally speaking, discount cards are of use to backpackers travelling through SA – if you’re not a backpacker, bringing a card here probably won’t be worth your while.

Many backpackers’ and hostels – and related services like the Baz Bus – accept youth, student and “VIP” cards from the US, Europe and Australia. The cards that have the most currency here are:

  • ISIC, IYTC & ITIC (international student, youth and teacher cards – probably the most widely-recognized)
  • ISE (international student card)
  • VIP (Aussie-based backpackers’ card)
  • YHA (Aussie-based youth/backpackers’ card)

The various cards’ websites explain in greater detail just what you’ll get by carrying them around – usually a concession of between 5% and 25% – as well as where you can use them in SA.