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Earthwave break surfing record: 71 surfers on one wave.


7 countries participated in the Earthwave global surf challenge this weekend, breaking the Guinness book of records for most surfers on one wave.

Surfers in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, England (Brrr), Reunion, South Africa and Tahiti paddled out to raise awareness of Global warming and the special relationship that surfers have with the sea.

The record which stood at 44, was first beaten by South Africa with 71, but then later smashed by Brazil’s 84. Do they have to win everything?


Our leg of the event took place in Muizenberg’s surfers corner, ideal for it’s long and gentle wave. Shark spotters were out in force to make sure that no Great Whites got in on the action.

The Earthwave Global Surf Challenge is an initiative created by the Cape Town based Kahuna Surfing Academy that showcases the global nature of the surfing community, highlights their environmental concerns and issues a “call to action” on how we can reduce our impact on climate change.