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Eurobookings London – Hotel Bookings for London, UK

This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed are those of the staff writers at BootsnAll.

Eurobookings London is just that – a booking tool for hotels in London, England. I compared this booking tool with Orbitz, to see how they would stack up on price. Eurobookings came out ahead on the price war, as well as availability. The site gives you the price (in pounds) for the duration of your stay, rather than just listing the price per night. It’s definitely nice to see the total without resorting to your calculator to figure out the price. If you’re traveling to England from abroad, keep in mind the conversion rate.

Eurobookings offers no reservation fee, no cancellation fee and no payment in advance. You do have to give credit card details to reserve your spot. The site is really intuitive and easy to navigate. When you select a particular hotel, you are given the option to view photos and given details about the property and transportation to and from the place. If you believe in peer reviews, there is a Guest Reviews section for each property as well. If you click on a certain property and decide it’s the right neighborhood but the wrong place for you, it lists other hotels nearby. Way easier than going back to the beginning. You can choose a hotel from a map of London or show your proposed hotel on the map. Handy for planning a place to stay near your meeting.

Cancellations are available on all rooms by 12:00 the day of check-in. If you’re too flaky to even manage to cancel a reservation by then, you will be charged for your first nights stay.

All in all, a good way to book a room in London.

This review was originally published on Business Travel Logue.