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Great times for convicted fraudster and Former chief whip of the ANC.

It seems that during a celebration thrown for his early (4 months of a 4 year sentence) release from jail, a cow and two sheep were slaughtered in a cleansing ceremony. Tony Yengeni was said to have stabbed the bull with an assegai (traditional spear) before it was slaughtered.

The SPCA are furious and are opening a criminal investigation. “If these allegation are true, then this is definitely a criminal offence under the Animal Protection Act,” said SPCA spokesperson Andries Venter.

The Arts and culture Ministry have defended Yengeni, by arguing the difference between cruelty to animals and cultural expression. “It is the constitutional right of all indigenous families, groups and families to perform rituals that they believe reconnect them to their ancestors.”

If Yengeni is found guilty he could face up to 12 Months (3 weeks) in prison and a maximum fine of R200 000.

Personally I feel that a culture needs to have the freedom to express themselves as long as it does not encroach on that of another persons. It would make me giggle though to see Yengeni go back to prison to finish of his first term properly.