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Hello Peter…Please connect my phone, I am wearing an incendiary device.

I was recently told by a friend to check out It is sort of like a BBB (Better Business Bureau) site for South Africa.

This country has way too much material for such a site….where to start.

You can use the service to check out companies that you plan on using or those that you are not sure about. Consumers get a chance to write in and either complain on praise companies and likewise companies are give the opportunity to respond. Companies that don’t respond are given a bad rating and are ranked in order of complaints. The top 5 worst as of 02/02/07 are:

  1. Nokia
  2. SAA
  3. BMW
  4. MWEB
  5. Hyundai

The top 5 best are

  1. Telkom???!!!!????
  2. Vodacom
  3. FNB
  4. Standard Bank
  5. Absa Bank

I can only speculate that Telkom holds that title for at least responding to all the complaints that must be flooding in. Telkom customer service can reduce me to tears in minutes.

The website was founded by Peter Cheales, a public speaker and consumer advocate. Good on Peter, just what we need! (More incitement to violence)