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Hiring a Car in South Africa

South Africa’s city roads and main highways are generally very good, and having a car – no matter how modest – to drive on them can make the difference between a roaring good time and abject tedium.

In short, SA Blog recommends hiring a car during your visit.

Here are some handy links for this purpose, starting with modest rides and moving toward extremely immodest but surprisingly agile behemoths:

(See also SA Blog’s related posts on Scooter & Motorcycle Hire and Land Rover Hire.)

  • First, click here for the site that lists possibly the greatest number of car hire options in South Africa.
  • In Cape Town, you can hire a VW Beetle (1960’s model – about as modest as it gets) on a monthly basis from Best Beetle. Perfect for backpackers on extended stays.
  • One of the best places to find inexpensive rentals is BootsnAll’s Cheap Car Rental Links. Good for economy-size cars, which are fine for city driving and routes between towns.
  • If you don’t drive stickshift, and need an automatic, click over to one of the familiar international companies (offering additional conveniences like airport pick-up and roadside assitance):
  • For tailored service and special arrangements (such as unlimited mileage, unusual vehicles like 16-seat minibuses, or just an extra-friendly touch) click to UVS Car Hire, or phone them directly at +27 (0) 21 686-2404.
  • If your ride ain’t pimpin’ enough, and you need to hire a luxury car, specialises in roadsters, you can get a Rolls Royce here, or just go back up to Avis and Herz, both of which have plenty of saloon car stock (Mercedes, BMWs, etc.).
  • Climbing ever higher, look into renting a motorhome here. There’s quite a robust motorhoming culture in SA – which your friendly motorhome rental man will soliloquize about, on cue – and many places to take these lumbering yet surprisingly agile behemoths.