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Immigration Officers Strike to Strike a Blow for Long Queues

In a development that has had supporters of long queues everywhere cheering South Africa on, about 90% of our immigration officers – those who man the passport control stations at airports and ports – are set to go on strike tomorrow over management non-performance.

They have a point: the bosses at Home Affairs have been worse than useless lately, and the grievances of the strikers-to-be stem from bosses’ failure to implement their own recommendations. On the other hand, if everyone strikes who says they’ll strike, then the immigration queues to enter South Africa are forecast to back up somewhere around southern Tanzania.

Should talks between the two sides break down, then those arriving at South African airports will be asked to bring sleeping bags and pillows with them when they de-plane/de-boat/de-whatever. A pack of cards wouldn’t be a bad idea, either.