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Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines is one of South Africa’s low-cost internal carriers. It serves Cape Town, Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth and Durban.

Direct routes include:
Johannesburg to Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth or Durban (and returns)
Durban to Port Elizabeth (one way only)
Cape Town to Johannesburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth or Durban (and returns)


A round trip flight from Johannesburg to Cape Town on Mango will run about 2000 Rand. Infants pay R50 fixed fare plus 14% vat & safety charge. For non-South Africans, tickets can be purchased by credit card, and the credit card must be shown when boarding. Mango Plus and Mango Flex Fares allow unlimited changes at no charge.


Passengers can check 20 kg each. The overage change is R25 per kg. No baggage weighing more than 32 kg will be accepted for travel. Mango Plus travelers get 30 kg checked in luggage. In addition to carry-on baggage, you may carry aboard a handbag and coat.  Passengers with lap infants may also carry a small bag for the infant. Toy guns, real guns, cutlery, knives, scissors, syringes, blades, nail clippers or other sharp objects that appears to be/could be used as weapons are not permitted in carry-on luggage.


Mango operates  Boeing B737-800 aircrafts on all routes. Each plane seats 186 guests, with three seats on either side of the center aisle. Passengers requesting two seats will be charged the normal fare for both seats.

Meals and Drinks

Mango charges for all snacks and drinks. Light meals are R28. It’s R15-32 for beer, wine and liquor drink. Passengers flying on Mango Plus fares also receive a R40 voucher for food and drinks.