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Mozambique, Maputo restaurants.

We did not eat out that much while in Mozambique, mainly because the people we were staying with had a chef, who made the most incredible food every day, so I will sum up the best in one review.

Since we were with locals we were not allowed to make any mistakes with the restaurants we chose, so these recommendations should be pretty spot on.

Piri Piri, opposite the Polana Shopping centre: The BEST piri piri chicken ever, fantastic prawns and serve loooong glasses of cold local beer in “Giraffe” glasses.

Gianni’s: On the other side of the Polana shopping centre. Wonderful, fresh ice cream made with local fruit and served with waffles and pancakes.

Costa do Sol: Right at the end of the Marginal coast road, Famous for its history as well as its shellfish. The walls are even crustacean colored.

Club Naval: This private club, has poolside service and fantastic prego rolls and Crab curry. The desserts here were very interesting. One of them was called Baba Camelo, which I thought was perhaps a small crème caramel, actually translates “camel drool” (dulce de leche and ice cream), delicious. The other directly translates as “sawdust” and is powdered cookies in whipped cream. Strange bunch.