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Mzansi fo sho: What exactly does this mean.

Ok I am not exactly plugged into the latest Xhosa colloquialisms , but what on earth does “Mzanzi fo sho” mean?

This is the relaunched tag line and motto for SABC one, the national government “influenced” television channel. Every five and a half seconds you hear someone saying i“mzaaaansi fo sho hooooooo” and it would be polite of them to let us know what it means.

After a little research I have found out that Mzansi is slang for “The South” as in “Southern Africa”, so it is comparable to Easside, wesside pride in the US. But with no-one echoing “Northies fo sho” it doesn’t quite have the same impact.

Also with our immigration problems of Sub-Saharanites flocking to “Mzanzsi” I think we’d be better off discouraging this on the airwaves and perhaps change to “Mzanzi high rates” or Mzanzi no jobs”, just a thought.