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Nasty weather, BIG swell this week

If you are planning on being in Cape Town this week, pack some foul weather gear, because something evil this way comes.

We have been extremely fortunate so far this winter, although quite chilly at times, the rain has mostly stayed away and we have had some gorgeous clear skies.

This week it is all changing apparently as a series of storms (4) are lining up to batter the cape all week long. Tonight’s storm looks to be nasty, but Thursdays is said to a “really big one”

They are due to start today and although they are not here yet, you can feel the air moistening and the temperature dropping. Ocean swell heights are estimated to reach 10 metres

We have stocked up with wood and movies and popcorn.

Some nut case surfers will undoubtedly attempt to ride the dungeons surf break in Hout Bay for the Red Bull Big Wave Africa event, but I would prefer a nice warm fire.