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Operation: Mozambique #2, Mango Airlines

After bumping my head against a wall a few times, trying to remotely arrange car hire from Johannesburg to Mozambique it seems no-one wants anyone to drive their precious cars into out neighboring country. What spoil sports. I am pretty sure my 1973 Peugeot 404, would rather not go and my wife’s 230E Merc would have to be accompanied by an oil tanker. Finally though I think we have found a solution:

Fly to Jozi then bus to Mozi.

Mango airlines are offering insanely cheap tickets between Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Starting at R169 ($23) one way, which is at least a 3rd of the regular price and just too cheap to ignore.

There is a dilemma though…. Mango airlines are sponsored by the parastatal/incumbent/monopoly SAA (South African Airlines) who by means of their monopoly access to taxpayers money, have been completely non-competitive, inefficient and basically bleeding us dry for years. The reason behind this sponsorship seems to be, to destroy the recent competition that has sprung up in the form of Kulula and 1time airlines, who have wrestled 50% of the internal flight market share. The CEO of Kulula came out to say that Mango is running at a R3million a week loss, and will be coming back for a top-up loan from the public coffers soon. Anyhow, I just want to go on holiday and shouldn’t be forced to right all public wrongs at Christmas, should I?. I think I’ll fly Kulula and 1time at Easter and Halloween respectively.

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