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Operation Mozambique #3, By hook or by crook.

So we decided today to throw caution to the wind and make our way up to Mozambique regardless of all the obvious obstacles that have been throwing up red flags at every juncture. Ridiculous airfares, no seats, no ground transport, no accommodation and leaving my business flying solo nolo. (That should be a word)

So the plan now is, to fly up to Jo-burg with SAA @ R300 each (back again with 1time R700), get picked up by friends in Jo-burg to spend new year’s eve Vaalie Style (Capetonians call Jo-burgers, Vaalies, Transvaal = North of the Vaal river). After which; get a lift to the Mozambiquan border with another friend, then get picked up on the other side by “The Colonel” an ex high ranking member of the Portuguese Air force. A larger than life Colonial presence and member of the “Academy Bacalao” a clandestine movement populated by the elitist old school. The Academy is named after the well loved salted codfish delicacy from Portugal (Bacalao) and consists of 3 day parties in remote locations around the world, where they meet, drink hard liquor and sing Fado folk songs, along with all the secret stuff obviously. He is also my Grandfather in-law, and I am hoping his English reading skills are as weak as my Portuguese.

So we leave on the 31st which is Sunday and return on the 13th, also a Sunday. We will be spending most of the time around Maputo, but will also venture as far afield as I can tear myself away from the seafood markets. Maputo which used to be called Lorenzo Marqueis is famous for its seafood, namely prawns the size of crayfish and crayfish the size of very very large crayfish. I doubt we will make it as far north as Vilanculos, but there are many wonderfull beaches close to Maputo and there is always Catembe Island. The place where the drink “Catembe” was founded (Red wine and Coca Cola…)

I will attempt to keep a regular stream of updates and pictures, but should the internet be scarce, or my stomach obstructs the use of the keyboard, they will have to wait till my return. I wish you all a wonderful New Year! Bom proveito!