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Operation Mozambique: #4

Yay, I found some internet access at the Holiday Inn, Maputo, a little expensive, but I am not fussy at this point. 24 hours wireless connection for R100 ($15). Smoking is allowed in the airconditioned lobby and the peanuts at the bar are the best ever.

Let me back track a little to our trip to here, which was action packed, but with relatively few mishaps.

We spent New years eve in Johannesburg, at a freinds house. A massive house, with a huge avocado tree that is in fruit all year. One year they had a hail storm and collected 200!!.
We had the traditional braai (bar-b-q) and then proceeded to hit the Singstar for the Playstation 2. What a blast, and after a few tequilas I was wailing out the tunes like a pro, drunk.
It ended up being a 4:30 session, and seeing as though our lift was arriving at 8:00am good times were in store for the 5 hour drive to the border, at Komatipoort.

My old friend Jacques picked us up in this incredible brand new series BMW, which lessoned the hangover somehow, he works for a Telecoms company and they pay him far too much money. Each of his run-flat tires is worth more than my car. So we had a very comfotable ride indeed considering I was carrying a few dozen bricks in my head. Sarah, Talulah and Sonia in the back of the car had perhaps less of the luxury as Talulah started getting car sick and was developing symtoms of what we would later find out to be tonsillitis. Stay tuned….