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South Africa real estate – Browse ads or list your place for free

South Africa is one of those countries where many visitors dream of moving there permanently shortly into their first visit. Whether they end up pulling off the move is another thing altogether, but at the very least it can be interesting to see how much properties are selling for, even if you aren’t seriously considering the move…yet.

We recently launched a new section to SouthAfricalogue where people can list properties for free. There are sections for commercial properties, houses, land, and even rentals. The site is fairly new and the inventory is building, so you might want to bookmark the new South Africa Real Estate listings section and check back periodically as more listings are added.

Here are a couple listings there so far just to whet your appetite:

Tuscan homeA modern Tuscan-style Double story house in Yzerfontein, which is about 40 minutes outside of central Cape Town. The price is 2,500,000 rand, which is a bit over US$300,000 at the current exchange rate. It’s got breathtaking sea views (which are my favorite kind of sea views, by the way) and it’s a 2-minute walk to the beach. The house also features 4 reception rooms so it’s an ideal place to entertain. There are four other photos in the listing if you are curious.

And for those with a bit more spare cash…

Bantry homeA Mediterranean-style 4-bedroom, 3-bathroom home with a pool in Bantry Bay for just under 10,000,000 rand, or about US$1.25 million. It’s situated at the foot of Lion’s Head as you can see in the photo.