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Sunday Night Bedlam, Mozambique

This whole weekend has been crazy on the road we are staying on. It is the beach road from Maputo to Costa do Sol and is THE hangout for every man woman and child it seems. The Friday night was moderately busy, with perhaps a few thousand revellers, singing, drinking and cooking chicken. Saturday seemed very busy with closer to 15000 people, all having fun, swimming, drinking and grilling piri-piri chicken. But Sunday night was the shocker.


This is a complete guestimate, but I would say that around 50000 people were down here tonight and going absolutely nuts!. It is a narrow 2 lane road that was reluctantly transformed in to a 4 lane one way system. Gridlocked with cars loaded well beyond capacity. Very entertaining to watch from the sidelines as it was raining and very windy. We were having people for lunch and they were unable to leave until 11:00pm because of the pandemonium outside. What struck me also is that at almost 11:00 sharp, the people cleared out as if they were never there, and as I write this, the road is as quiet as a country lane! Tomorrow we are either getting a ferry to Inhaca Island or driveing the 200km + to Bilene, which I heard is fantastic.