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Visa Information for Visiting South Africa

The good news for nationals from the US, UK, most EU countries, Australia and New Zealand who plan to visit South Africa is that, unless you intend to stay longer than 90 days, you don’t need a visa to enter as a tourist. Instead, you receive an entry stamp in your passport (note: see SA Blog’s Keep One Page in your Passport Blank warning)

Nationals from some European countries, such as Hungary and Cyprus, and some South American countries like Brazil, are given 30-day visa-free visiting windows, while those most South American, Asian and many Eastern European countries require visas outright, which can be obtained from South African Embassies and Consulates.

  • Click here for the full list of countries whose nationals don’t require visas to enter South Africa: SA Visa Exemption List | pdf.

If you’ve come to South Africa on a 90-day entry stamp, and want to extend your visit, you’re in for a treat! A trip to Home Affairs, where the queues can last up to six hours – make sure you’re in the correct queue! – is always great fun. On the other hand, don’t even dream of skipping your visit, because if you leave South Africa after the date indicated in your passport, you won’t be allowed back in.