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A Town’s Tale of Two Bookshops: Hemingway’s (1/2)

The Walker Bay town of Hermanus – famous for its whale watching, from July to September – is home to two of the Overberg’s best little bookshops, which are right next door to each other.

Harbour Road
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Specialty: Out-of-print books & modern 1sts
Tel: +27 (0) 28 312 2379

SA Logue recommends a look inside? Don’t miss it!

Further Insight & Opinion

Walking from the town’s Main Road (R43) to its gorgeous bay views via Harbor Road, the first bookshop you encounter is called Hemingway’s, and the first bookshelf you encounter upon entering it is dedicated to the man they called Papa, displaying a host of titles related to him and his various careers.

Behind this – a treasure-trove of out-of-print books, with a special emphasis on Africana and modern first editions. Many of the offerings are found behind glass cabinet doors, but – this is a nice touch – the keys are always in the locks, so it’s quite easy to get to volumes of interest.

The book prices reflect their quality and uncommonness – and the fact that Hermanus is a tourist town. They’re a bit high, in other words. But on the other hand, when next will you spot that particular specimen you’ve always wanted? Give yourself at least an hour to browse through this beaut of a bookshop.