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It’s Bastille Day All Weekend in Franschhoek

The Western Cape’s little slice of France, Franschhoek, is celebrating Bastille Day all weekend – why not join in the joie?

“Franschhoek”, in Afrikaans, literally means “French corner” – it’s the valley where, in the late-17th century, a wave of Huguenots eventually settled, fleeing Catholic persecution in their native France. Today, the Franschhoek Valley is one of South Africa’s top wine-producing areas, and its village is chock-full of food-and-drink delights, as well as pretty little places to stay.

The Franschhoek tourism authority has several weekend packages to put its French flair in easy reach: click over to for more; and don’t forget about SA Logue’s “Best of Franschhoek” tag for more ideas on what to faire, voir, boire et manger ce weekend!