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Robyn: Why not Durban??

As I’m sure some of you have noticed this Logue is pretty one-sided, so to speak, in the favour of Cape Town. There is nothing wrong with that, but there are other beautiful parts of South Africa that are just as attractive.

Philip has asked me to help provide a balance and let the readers know what is hip, hot and happening in Durban or Durbs to the locals!


My name is Robyn, a born and bred Durbanite, and my aim is to take you on a journey up and down the coasts and inland of KwaZulu/Natal to give you an idea of what this wonderful province has to offer and keep you informed of must see events! From the countless number of game reserves in Zululand, the Drakensberg Mountains and Midlands Meander to the beautiful coastal towns along the Hibiscus and Elephant coasts, the St Lucia Estuary and the Wild Coast, there is definitely something for everyone!

Durban is the main city of the KwaZulu/Natal province, located on the east coast and is built around the busiest port in the Southern Hemisphere. In my opinion, (and the opinion of many South Africans) Durban has the best climate, especially in the winter months from May to September, where the average temperature is around 25C!

Although there are no direct international flights into Durban (which will change once the new airport is complete), it is a short one-hour flight from Johannesburg or a two-hour flight from Cape Town. So there is no excuse!

So after that brief introduction, look out for my weekly updates and if you have any questions or comments about Durban and KZN please send them our way!