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South Africa Airfare

Search for cheap airfare to South Africa and book a flight to South Africa

planeSouth Africa is a big country, with several international airports. That is good news when you are trying to find a flight to South Africa – especially because there are two major airports which both serve as gateways for foreign travelers. But like any tourist destination, finding a good deal on airfare to South Africa is different than just finding a flight.

For much of the traveling world, getting to South Africa is an endeavor – and is likely to be an expensive one. There are ways, however, to cut the cost of your airfare to South Africa so that it does not eat up your entire travel budget. Here are a few tips to consider:

  1. Find out which airlines use South Africa airports as a hub – Both O.R. Tambo International Airport (in Johannesburg) and Cape Town International Airport are hubs for South African Airways, so you might want to see if they offer any particular specials on airfare. Sometimes you will find that hub airlines offer deals simply because they fly in and out of certain airports with such regularity, but sometimes the hub airlines are not the cheapest. It is always a good idea to check with them, but if you do not like what you find – keep looking!
  2. Fly into a different city – As mentioned above, there are several international airports in South Africa. The two primary international gateways are in Cape Town and Johannesburg, however, so those are likely the airports you will be looking at flying into. They are located some distance apart, so if your time is very limited this trick might not work – but if you have a bit more time than money, check both airports (regardless of your ultimate destination) for cheaper fares. No matter which airport you fly into, it will have short hopper flights which can get you anywhere else in the country.
  3. Schedule your flights for midweek – Weekends are the busiest travel days for pleasure travelers, while Mondays tend to be busy because of business travelers. Whatever the reason, on those busy travel days the airlines are less likely to offer cheap airfare anywhere because they know they do not really need to. If you can schedule your flights for Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays you have a better chance of finding a lower airfare.
  4. Visit South Africa during the low season – Like every tourist destination, South Africa also has a high season and a low season with their corresponding higher and lower prices. This will apply to not just hotel rooms and tours but also airfare. Traveling during the high season, while generally when the nicer weather occurs, can sometimes cost twice what low season travel will cost. South Africa’s seasons are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere, so the high season (the spring and summer seasons) is going to be roughly October through March. (The downside of this time of year is that it is also the rainy season.) If you do not mind a bit of cooler weather (especially at night), look into low season airfare and you might find some really cheap airfare to South Africa.

South Africa might be a bit more challenging to reach for those in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is still a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world – and it has been for years. So, instead of waiting for a time when people are not going to South Africa (which may never happen!), you can use our tips here to try to cut the cost of your flight to South Africa and save a little of that money for something else.

Have a fantastic trip to South Africa, and if you need more information to help you plan the best holiday, read traveler’s stories about South Africa and keep up with daily life in this South Africa Travel Guide.