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Travel Guide to South Africa

Firstly you need to realize that due to the numerous tourist destinations in South Africa is quite impossible to create a must-see list. A good idea is to decide if you want a safari/nature tours vacation or you want to visit the cities. Once that’s settled, the must-see list can be quite easy to write. Also, a good idea is to check out some South Africa Vacations ideas.

Airfare to South Africa

When visiting any foreign country, the first thing you need to think about is the plane ticket. Because South Africa is located quite far from both Europe and North America, the plane tickets tend to be on the pricey side. Planning a vacation well in advance and checking the prices on line can save you a lot of money.

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Where to Stay in South Africa

Choosing the appropriate accommodation is also a very important step in planning your vacation. Staying in a hotel is the most expensive option, while hostels offer quite good conditions at low prices. Another good option is booking a room Bed & Breakfast or in a guest house. You can also stay at farms or rent a vacation house.

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Getting Around South Africa

While the domestic flights are reliable and safe, the public transportation isn’t reliable, safe or friendly, which makes renting a car the best option when visiting South Africa.

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Vacation Packages

Choosing a vacation package is often a good alternative if you are willing to sacrifice the independence. All packages have the airfare included. If you choose a safari, the nature tours are obviously part of the package. Choosing a vacation package means you won’t have to deal with the nightmare of finding a flight, accommodation, transport and planning the itineraries.