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Accommodation in South Africa

Bed in Lodge in South AfricaThe plane ticket to South Africa and the accommodation are the two most important things to plan well in advance. It pays to spend some time searching for a place to stay as you can save a lot of money if you know when to book it. Accommodation in South Africa takes many forms: from the camp sites where you can put your tent, to the fancy hotel rooms or lodges and to everything in between.

Let’s take a look at some of the accommodation types in South Africa so that you know what to expect.


Hotels in South Africa are a bit on the pricy side for the locals and one the most expensive form of accommodation you can find. A big factor to consider when choosing a hotel is its location: the closer to the city center, the bigger the price will be.

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Budget travelers are really used to spending their nights in hostels. There are quite a lot of hostels in South Africa but way less than in Western Europe or Australia, so make sure to book well in advance. Some hostels might have an age limit –remember they were used to be called “youth hostels”! Most of them have excellent prices, but be careful when you choose the location. Just like the hotels, the closer to the center, the more expensive the bed will be.

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Bed & Breakfast

If you don’t fancy living in a room with a bunch of persons you never met, bed & breakfast are the next best option for the budget traveler. Managed by locals and offering a particular charm, B&B offer low prices and great atmosphere.

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Vacation Rentals

Traveling with a bunch of friends is not only fun but can also save some bucks when renting a vacation home. You have the independence to explore the location at your own pace while staying in a nice local house. You will have to cook but that’s just part of the charm.

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Between the numerous forms of accommodation we can find the humble lodge. Well, humble is an understatement because a lot of lodges are really luxurious. Obviously, they range from basic to elegant, but no matter what they offer, they are just perfect when you want to stay in the heart of nature.

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Farm stays

A really wonderful way to experience the South African countryside is to stay at a farm. Enjoy the homemade traditional food, while resting in a really nice setting. The best advantage is that most of the farms are located really close to the highways which connect the South African cities. And you won’t get bored either. Most of the owners will encourage you to get involved in the farm’s activities, which means milking a cow, round up the sheep or help in the kitchen.