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Flea Markets and Craft Markets in Cape town


Capetonians love flea markets! and we have several every weekend: Here are the main ones.

Greenpoint Stadium Flea market: This started with a guy selling Boerewors rolls on the weekend and has blossomed into the largest fleamarket in Cape Town.

It is held every Sunday and public holiday from 09:00 till 17:00. This used to be a fantastic market with bric-a-brac and intersting things, nowadays it has declined into somewhat of a tourist trap, with many stalls selling identical items, Chinese grey goods and boot polished curios. It is still worth a walk around, if not only for the bustle and throng. It is situated in Greenpoint, in the carpark of the stadium, but since construction began for 2010 I suspect the market has been moved nearby or cancelled for the time being. I will update this post when I get information.

Milnerton Market: This is my favourite flea market in Cape Town, with plenty of oddities and collectables that vendors have dredged from deceased estates and antique stores. The market has a policy of keeping the curio and t-shirt sellers to a minimum to retain the feel of the market. It is held on an open piece of land next to the R27 (West Coast Road) in Milnerton every Saturday and Sunday from 07:00 till 16:00. There are some good food stands here also selling pancakes, boerewors rolls, biltong and rusks.

Muizenberg Market: Is held at sunrise circle, sunrise beach, Muizenberg everyday between 08:00am and 16:00. I Have only been on a Sunday when the market was huge and very busy. I suspect it would be much quieter and smaller during the week. There are large variety of goods, but falls short in the bric-a-brac and antique department. There are lots of clothes, cheap electronics, food and toys.

Greenmarket Square: This is Cape Towns most famous market which has fallen from its past glory, but still worth a look for it’s setting. Unfortunately the the calibre of trader has declined to almost exclusively curios (which I suspect are imported) It is held from Monday to Saturday between 09:00 and 16:00, in the square that dissects Burg Street and between Long Market and Short Market Streets.

Feel free to haggle at markets here, and certainly shop around as A R100 watch might be R50 next door. I have never had a problem, but flea markets may attract pickpockets, so keep an eye on valuables.

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